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Plastic Cutlery

Here at Inn Supplies, you can shop from a huge range of disposable plastic cutlery, which stand out by being manufactured from high-impact polystyrene.

disposable plastic cutlery; knives, forks and spoons

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Our disposable plastic cutlery explained:

Browse through our full selection of plastic cutlery below and you’ll see that we have items available in three distinct styles:

  • White Plastic (recyclable) Cutlery: This is the standard-grade of disposable cutlery and the most common type you’ll encounter. The low cost per unit makes this product very affordable for single-use scenarios and they are great when large quantities are required.
  • Silver Disposable Cutlery: Normally used at more formal occasions where a disposable product is still preferable over a standard metallic product. These are available in smaller packs (10 units) to suit most requirements, as well as in large “party packs” of 300 units. In terms of strength, these are roughly comparable to the standard recyclable cutlery above.
  • Biodegradable Plastic Cutlery: This new product is designed to be a premium alternative to the standard grade of disposable cutlery, as well as having the obvious environmental benefit of being completely biodegradable. In terms of strength, these are in excess of double the strength of regular single-use items. This makes them ideal when a customer plans to use the products with larger meals or tougher foods whereby greater strength is required.

Pack configurations

You can purchase our disposable cutlery is pack sizes that best suit your requirements. For high-volume customers requiring larger amounts, we stock all items by the full case. We also supply the white recyclable, silver and biodegradable ranges by the pack for home use – either as single packs or as combined “party packs” containing a selection of knives, forks and spoons. Please see the table below for more information.

  Single Pack Party Pack Full Case
White Plastic Cutlery 100 300 (3 x 100) 2,000 (20 x 100)
Silver Plastic Cutlery 10 300 (30 x 10) 1,000 (100 x 10)
Biodegradable Plastic Cutlery 100 300 (3 x 100) 1,000 (10 x 100)

Buy the disposable plastic cutlery which is ideal for your needs online today and receive free delivery when your purchase comes to £100 or more. Complete an order before 1pm and we will deliver your items the very next day too.

Don’t forget to complete your disposable catering arrangement with some food-safe paper plates, strong takeaway food boxes and soft paper napkins.