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Paper Napkins

Disposable Paper Napkins and Serviettes; available in 24cm (cocktail), 33cm (side plate) and 40cm (dinner plate) sizes to suit all occasions. Suitable for home parties and corporate functions, or for commercial use in Restaurants and Bars.


Our napkins are from the popular “Bulky Soft” range – well known for being silky soft to the touch and very absorbent. Our colours are especially chosen to co-ordinate and contrast with the Dispotex range of Paper Tablecloths and Banquet Rolls.

More about Disposable Napkins

Bulkysoft paper napkins, available in White, Blue, Pink, Green, Ivory, Red and BlackInn Supplies stock a wide variety of different disposable Napkins to suit most common requirements for the retail and hospitality markets. We’ve specifically sources a range of colours to complement and co-ordinate with our other table accessories such as placemats, table covers and banquet rolls.

All of our Napkins are printed with water based inks and oxygen bleached, unlike economy brands which rely on harsh chemical processes in order to obtain the correct colour blend.

Packs sizes have been chosen to be convenient to both home users and commercial / retail customers. Most of our range can be purchased as a small and compact pack of 100 napkins or a full case ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 serviettes for high volume use.

Disposable Napkins are also ideal for cleaning up spillages; the Bulky Soft brand is strong and absorbent enough to mop up spilled drinks and foods from the table at parties and celebrations. Paper Napkins are an affordable and stylish accompaniment to your table setting.

Environmentally friendly disposable Napkins, full compostable and sourced from sustainable resources. Bulk discounts available for wholesale / high volume use.