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Disposable Catering Supplies

Disposable Single-Use Products

We stock a wide range of Catering Disposables, suited to either customers catering for large events or smaller private parties. Our range of disposable products can purchased as either single packs (as few as 25 pieces) or in bulk as full cases where larger quantities are required.

Why Choose Catering Disposables?

Disposable Supplies are a convenient and affordable solution for your catering needs, great for either commercial or domestic use in the home. You may choose to use single-use throwaway products for a number of reasons:

  • Commercial convenience: single-use products mean no washing up, less wasted space and no man hours dedicated to maintaining stock. Simply cater for customer requirements or your event and dispose / recycle the waste afterwards.
  • Cost: the low cost per unit when buying in bulk make our disposable products an attractive proposition for commercial use; we offer scalable discounts for all volume purchases.
  • One-off events: disposables are a great solution for Birthdays, functions and other one-time occasions, purchase the exact items required without any storage or clean-up hassle.


Alternatives / Other Options?

  • Reusable products: looking for stronger polycarbonate products? We supply a whole range of reusable bar supplies for a wide variety of commercial requirements.
  • Biodegradable items: many of our products are completely recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. Our biodegradable range is a specially chosen range of products for customers requiring a holistic eco-friendly solution to their catering needs.


Disposal of Single-Use Products

  • Paper: Our paper cups, tablecloths, napkins, food containers, plates and chip scoops can all be recycled with your regular recycled paper waste.
  • Plastic: Plastic glasses, cups and containers are all suitable for plastic recycling.
  • Foil: These are made from a fine grade of aluminium so can be recycled if you have the local sortation facility for aluminium cans etc.
  • Others: Paper containers featuring a plastic handle are not recyclable unless the handle is removed.


Disposable Catering Supplies