cPLA Biodegradable Lids for 4oz Paper Cups

4oz-CPLA-BIO-Lid webWe’ve always supplied a small travel lid for our range of takeaway espresso cups, however these are made from PP (Polypropylene) plastic.  With a sizable number of our customers moving to biodegradable alternatives we’re now stocking a biodegradable cPLA lid to fit these cups, as with the rest of our cup range. The cPLA lids are made from a cornstarch base, they’re completely biodegradable so a great match for our small 4oz biodegradable espresso cups.

Unlike many other 4oz plastic lids on the market, ours are a sip through traveler lid rather than a flat sealing lid. They’re designed for espresso consumption on the go.

You can find these listed in our sip through lids category and alongside the rest of our 4oz paper cups.

Blue Striped Paper Straws

250-blue-stripe-paper-straws-for-web(edited)Our range of paper straws started with the plain black style; however we’ve now expanded this range to offer a whole range of different styles to suit most common uses. The whole range uses a 6mm bore size, so suitable for all soft drinks and some lighter smoothies, length is the most common 20cm (195mm).

The newest addition to our range of disposable paper straws is the striped blue variety. These are a classic retro design with alternating white and blue wrap bound in a spiral pattern to form the design.

There are several reasons why you may want to switch to paper straws, the most obvious being that they’re completely biodegradable. This is most relevant to situations where the straws might end up being discarded; their biodegradable nature means that they’ll naturally break down as with any normal paper. These can also be recycled with your normal paper waste as they contain no lining or plastics.

It’s quite common since early 2018 for larger companies and councils to have a biodegradable mandate on any disposables they purchase. Our range of biodegradable paper straws are an ideal way to satisfy this requirement.

You can see our full range in the paper straws category at: https://innsupplies.com/disposable/drinking-straws


Bamboo Compostable Paper Cups – New Range

single wall bamboo group1Fresh into our warehouse today are the new Bamboo compostable paper cups. As the name suggests these are made from Bamboo instead of paperboard, there are several notable advantages to this. The most obvious is that Bamboo is more easily renewable than the fast-growing birch used for traditional paper cups, this is due to the speed at which the plant grows. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet with a peak growth speed of 4cm an hour; this makes it the ultimate in sustainable raw material.

The cups themselves are a mixed design with 4 distinct but coordinated neutral prints; each pack contains a random selection of these.

As with the rest of our environmentally friendly biodegradable range of cups, these feature a PLA lining instead of the plastic PE coating used on traditional cups. This makes them a fantastic choice for customers wishing to switch to biodegradable / compostable disposables.

Samples are available on request; get in touch with our team for more information. You can find our bamboo paper cups on our site at: https://innsupplies.com/biodegradable/biodegradable-paper-cups

New Range: cPLA Biodegradable Plastic Smoothie Cups

PLA SMOOTHIE GROUPOur ever-expanding range of biodegradable disposables now includes an option for biodegradable smoothie cups. These are made from a cornstarch based material and comply with all relevant standards for biodegradability.

The products themselves all have the same rim diameter, meaning that one lid size fits all. It’s important to note that this is a different lid size to our existing disposable (PET) smoothie cups. The new cups take a new 96mm, which we supply as either a flat or a domed style. This can be beneficial to customers using multiple sizes as they only need to stock a single lid size.

In terms of strength the new biodegradable smoothie cups are very similar to our existing range, they’re resistant to cracking and have a smooth glossy finish.

Sizes available include 9oz, 12oz, 16oz and 20oz to suit most requirements. As usual these are available in small packs of 50 or full boxes of 1,000.

You can find these biodegradable plastic cups on our site at: https://innsupplies.com/biodegradable/biodegradable-plastic-cups


2018 Christmas / New Year Opening Hours

bluetreeThe last day for dispatch of goods before Christmas is Thursday 20th December, orders need to be placed before 1pm. Orders placed after this time will be delivered in the New Year when we reopen on Wednesday 2nd 2019.

Our offices are closed between Christmas and New Year; please ensure you order any supplies you may require during this time by our cut-off time on Thursday 20th.

Deliveries in the New Year start from Thursday 3rd January 2019.

Happy Christmas and New Year from everyone at Inn Supplies

Christmas Party Supplies

celebrationThe festive season is well and truly upon us, don’t forget to order any party supplies you may require from our Christmas party store. We’ve got a range of items specifically chosen for any parties or celebrations you may be planning over the holiday season.

Our 2018 range of Christmas tableware includes the following items:

  • Christmas printed table covers
  • Christmas printed napkins
  • Mulled wine glasses
  • Champagne flutes
  • Tablecovers
  • Black plastic tableware

You can find these in our Christmas party supplies section here: https://innsupplies.com/disposable/christmas-party-store

Please note that any printed tablecovers or themed napkins are available in strictly limited quantities. They’re sold on a first come first served basis, we anticipate our stocks running out in the near future.

New Products – Paper Straws

As paper straws become increasingly popular we’ve decided to expand our range of designs. Initially we offered just the common plain Black style of paper straw, but as of today we’ve got the plain White and the stylish Red Striped straws available to order from stock.

These are made from the same virgin paperboard as the black straws, no additional coatings are added, no plastic is used meaning that the straws are 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. As there are no additives or contaminates these will simply degrade naturally, although ideally they would be recycled as with any other paper product for maximum sustainability.

With increasing focus on clean oceans and reducing plastic waste, paper straws have gained huge traction against their plastic counterparts. Through 2018 we’ve seen many customers request a paper alternative to the usual plastic straws.

We plan to expand our range of paper straws further with more designs planned in the coming months.

You can find our range of paper straws at: https://innsupplies.com/disposable/drinking-straws

White Paper Staws

White Paper Staws

Red Striped Paper Straws

Red Striped Paper Straws


cPLA Corn Starch Compostable Cutlery

New to our range of biodegradable / compostable products are the cPLA compostable cutlery products. These are made from plant-based corn starch and conform to all relevant standards regarding compostability, they will naturally break down and contain no plastics.

To differentiate these from the standard range of disposable plastic cutlery, they feature an eye catching satin effect which makes them pleasant and tactile to use. They also feature the compostable branding so it’s clear the item is not a plastic based product.

There is a strong trend at the moment for customers to reduce their dependence on single use plastics, these new cPLA based cutlery items allow customers to replace their plastic cutlery while still offering a disposable option. In addition, these are actually far more rigid than the most common grades of disposable knives, forks etc – they’ve been given a much more premium feel.

We’re offering these in the standard size (165mm) knives, forks and dessert spoons – you can find them on our site in the biodegradable cutlery section at: https://innsupplies.com/biodegradable/plastic-cutlery. Samples are available on request.

Fork WEB Knife WEB Spoon WEB


PLA Biodegradable Double Wall Paper Cups – New Size

16oz-double-wall bio webThese were initially launched in 8 and 12oz sizes only, however due to their popularity we’ve added the larger 16oz size to the range also. Our range of biodegradable double wall paper cups use a PLA (polylactic acid) coating on the paper instead of the more common PE (Polyethylene) plastic coating, this means they are completely biodegradable

The large 16oz size accepts the same 90mm lid as the 12oz size, you can choose from our regular plastic lids or purchase one of the newer biodegradable cPLA lids for a completely eco-friendly solution to takeaway coffee.

You can find the 16oz double wall biodegradable cups here: https://innsupplies.com/biodegradable/biodegradable-paper-cups